Airplane Sleeps

I caused a scene on an airplane once. Not really though. Let me explain. If you're a fellow traveling westie then you're probably familiar with how much sleep you don't get at a comp weekend. Sweet sleep: The only thing any dancer really wants after a long weekend. With comps taking up most of the [...]


Panama was lit, yo.

Lamenting the fact that I was unable to make it to the beach this summer... "Ah!! The water is so pretty!!!" Excitement quickly mounted as we got closer to the beautiful and enticing, blue-green water of the Gulf of Mexico. After nearly 6 hours on the road with an A\C that wasn't cooperating, Sarah, her [...]

Swinga 2017

Something like two years ago, God laid relationships on my heart, and showed me how important they are, both to Him and to us. During that time I formed the strong opinion that relationships are one of the most important and worthwhile pursuits that a person can have this side of heaven. Everyone needs someone. [...]

Texas Classic 2016

I wish "catching up on lost sleep" was a real thing. It would make post-comp recovery a whole lot easier. Oh well. A girl can dream, right? New Orleans was well represented at The Texas Classic 2016. The weekend brought shock and disappointment to some, but in the end the New Orleans West Coast Swing [...]

The real MVP

Dearest Momma, You are the most patient women I know.  You have taught me that life is one giant balancing act, with honoring God as the ultimate goal. You have loved, raised and are raising a quiver-full of kids that will all impact the world in their own God-given ways. Thank you for being a [...]

Soggy Seattle

Seattle Easter Swing is here again, so here is a little story from my adventure at Easter Swing 2016... Adventuring on foot in an unfamiliar city is always fun, but not so much when it's raining and you're not sure where you're going, and especially not when the bus stop you've been standing and waiting [...]