Panama was lit, yo.

Lamenting the fact that I was unable to make it to the beach this summer…

“Ah!! The water is so pretty!!!”

Excitement quickly mounted as we got closer to the beautiful and enticing, blue-green water of the Gulf of Mexico. After nearly 6 hours on the road with an A\C that wasn’t cooperating, Sarah, her brother Philip and I were tired, hot, and eager to hit the water.

But first, food!

We were the first to arrive with some time to kill before the others got there and our rooms were ready, so we drove a few more miles up the coast to the strip mall in search of some grub.

After a nice rest and a cold smoothie it was time for suits and some fun in the water! This being Sarah and I’s third visit to Laguna Beach Christian Retreat in Panama City, Florida, we knew of a shower house near the main office, so the three of us grabbed our suits, towels, and all the sunscreen we owned and set off to get the much anticipated beach weekend kicked off.


The sun was hot, the sand was hotter, but the water was cool, and refreshing. Except for the green algae floating around everywhere.. that part was gross.

Sarah and her brother swam for an hour or so, but I bugged out afterabout 20 minutes. Instead, spending that time relaxing on my towel and thinking about life. But, if I’m being honest with myself, I didn’t like the algae. So I sat, because my head would

start pounding when I tried to lie down, surfed social media, and watched Philip and Sarah’s heads bob in and out of the swells.

An hour and a half later, an hour longer than promised, our room was finally ready, adding annoyed to hot, dehydrated and hungry. (Those smoothies didn’t last long..)  It wasn’t long before there was bread, sandwich meat, chips and salsa spread out on half of the kitchen table inside of our spacious quarters. Those in the group that got there later headed across the street to the beach, while the rest of us rested and nursed premature sunburns.

“Day half and I’m already burnt.” Sarah moaned. “That’s just dumb.”

Early that afternoon I could feel a headache coming on. It was pretty tolerable most of the day, until it became near unbearable around dinner time. The pain was all at the front of my skull, and my eyes hurt from the pressure; the worst headache I’ve ever had. I’ve never had a migraine before, but if that was a baby one, I feel for those that suffer from them.

The next morning I woke up to Katrina calling “breakfast is ready!” and the light on in my room. No headache!!

Thank you, Lord! I’ll drink more water, eat more frequently, and find more shade today, I promise. 


Everyone put on their suits and cover ups, packed their backpacks, and headed off to a nearby state park. I thought the water at the resort was pretty.. The water at the park was absolutely beautiful!!  It was also much calmer. There was a rock wall that blocked the majority of the swells while providing some really pretty snorkeling.

I had to take turns bobbing in the water and sitting on the beach. There were pockets of really cold water all over, and passing through one would make you feel like someone dumped a gallon of water from the freezer on your body. Refreshing for sure, but it could chill you to the bone pre-tty quick.

The majority of the group there enjoyed the high population of baby jellyfish, trying to see how many they could fit into a upside-down frisbee. They were clear, so not very easy to spot in the clear water.

We spent about four hours at that park. I think I speak for everyone when I say that it was the best part of the trip hands down.

But the day wasn’t over yet! Time for a dinner night out on the town 🙂
We chose Margaritaville, Sarah and I shared one of the yummiest hamburgers I’ve ever had. While waiting outside to be brought inside to our table there was a couple playing live cover music, so of course, Sarah and I couldn’t turn down a chance to dance. I did find out real fast that dancing in bare feet on concrete is a terrible idea. I managed to kick the snot out of my left big toe, but it wasn’t until I slipped my flip flop back on and realized I was walking on blood that I realized just how bad it had gotten cut.

“Don’t be like the French, Megan!” Sarah joked.

My sweet brother was quick to come to my aid, offering to carry me if it hurt too bad to walk. I ended up hobbling back to our appartment in a decent amount of pain, effectively putting an end to any salt water frolicking for me.

It was the best trip to Panama City Beach I’ve been on thus far, but my personal favorite part of the whole weekend was lying on the beach next to Sarah, listening to the waves, gazing at a sky bursting with stars, and discussing our lives. Sweet, sweet times.



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