Texas Classic 2016

I wish “catching up on lost sleep” was a real thing. It would make post-comp recovery a whole lot easier. Oh well. A girl can dream, right?

New Orleans was well represented at The Texas Classic 2016. The weekend brought shock and disappointment to some, but in the end the New Orleans West Coast Swing Academy came home with several finalists in multiple divisions, and some really great placements as well. Overall, another great competition for the NOLA area competitors.

The event itself was less than satisfactory, for me. Yeah, I was only there for one day, but it was enough time to form that opinion. Texas Classic is mostly a country event with some swing on the side, so they don’t have as much respect for the swing presence. I mean, jack and jill’s didn’t start until 10pm on Saturday night. Awards weren’t over until almost 2. I wanted to be getting ready to go to sleep at that time, but, no. Ended up dancing till 4. And I had to get us all back home safely the next day. Running on only about 4 hours of sleep. We made it though! Alive, and well with just enough energy left for a couple more hours of dancing at Silhouette. Because #whynot?

The drive up there was just what I would expect from a squad road trip. Some times of quiet, and other times, laughing so hard my tears were blurring the road.  If there’s one thing I learned during that 5 hour drive it’s to never look at Andy for help when someone hands you a glass with a few shots worth of whiskey in it but you’re not sure what you’re supposed to do because you don’t drink.. #poorblue #histhroatisonfire

Oh, and I came the closest to running out of gas then I ever have before. A full tank in my Honda Civic will get me to Houston with some fuel to spare, but I failed to account for the hour and a half of drive time I already had on the tank. When my fuel light came on while driving through the heart of Houston, worry began to creep in. I quickly compared my available range to miles left to travel while simultaneously navigating 6 lanes of fast moving traffic and prayed I would at least make it to the hotel. Andy was near snoring in the passenger seat, Sarah riding quietly in the back. They were both blissfully unaware of my impending panic attack, and I left it that way. My own worry was enough. Thankfully there was a Chevron around the corner from the hotel. I whipped in with 9 miles to spare. It took 30 minutes and a bear hug for me to calm down after that.

Less than two weeks to Swingapalooza!!  Hope to see you there 🙂


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