Keep your phone close and your friend’s phones closer.

Music is rolling, and the floor is full. My second time out as DJ was getting a good response. My anxiety level starts to normalize, so I step onto the floor and join the social dancing crowd. In the middle of my third or fourth dance something catches my eye.

What is Arjay doing on my phone? No.. he can’t be. It’s locked. 

I thought about it for a couple more minutes, but between dancing, chatting and laughing, I forgot about it. Everything was great. So I thought.


What the

Angelle is the name on my screen.

 BUTCH!… that little rascal.. 

Of course she denies any association when I confront her, but I know better. That Butch is a charmer.

About 7 minutes ago:

Butch, with a friend of ours’ phone in his hand, “Hey, Rebecca needs your number.”

“Actually, he’s right. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten your number again since getting my new phone.”

“You know, you’re probably walking right into a trap.” Sarah warns. “Oh, Butch is involved, I’m sure it’s some kind of trap.”  I punch my number in anyway, then turn to watch the dancing. I turn back around seconds later to see him still messing around with Rebecca’s phone. Then it dawns on me.

Oohhh no you don’t.

I snatch her phone from his hand and rush off with it. I got your number, buddy. 

Rebecca rounds the corner, nearly on my heels. “I had no idea he was gonna do that! I promise I won’t let him have my phone.”

If my phone rings and it’s your name I see, all bets are off.. 

Even after that he somehow managed to charm Angelle into letting him use her phone. Stepping down from the DJ booth on my way to give him an earful I walk past Arjay. The look he gave me made me pause.


“What?” he echoes.

I roll my eyes and keep walking.

“You know it was Arjay’s idea right?” Butch says, a mischievous look in his eye.  *I turn and glare at Arjay*  He had grabbed a partner and started dancing.  “Look, Butch does him just fine, he doesn’t need any help!!!” I holler at him.

“Oh, as soon as I saw Arjay and Butch with heads together earlier I knew something was up.” Sarah tells me.

Am I the only one that didn’t know!?  Don’t answer that.

Byron comes find me right after I get finished fussing Butch, “Girl, the Do Not Disturb feature on your phone. Turn that on.”

“Ah, I never even thought of that!”  B to the rescue.

Ran to turn it on, things calm down, so I get back to socializing and dancing. Just enough time passes for Megan to forget everything that happened…



Arjay is again standing suspiciously next to the DJ booth.

“That was you too, wasn’t it?”

“What are you talking about?”

“I just checked, there was an extra, random alarm set.”

“You’re phone was locked. How in the world do you think I could do that?”

“I don’t know. But after what happened just 20 minutes ago I’m very suspicious of you.”


Then, the next day I started noticing some strangeness happening with my phone’s autocorrect, replacing common words with something totally unrelated.  Initial thought was my brother did it, but I hadn’t seen him since I noticed it. Then I remembered about Arjay hovering over my phone. It was you! But how did you.. uh!  

I got it. It happened last night during the switchover. I was getting set up while he was standing right next to me packing up his equipment.  Apparently the fingerprint unlock feature doesn’t work when your fingers are sweaty from dancing, lame, so I had to use my passcode to get into my phone and access my playlist.

He peeked! Sneaky rat. Gave Butch the bright idea to call my phone while my music was running, set a random alarm, and changed some of my text replacement, leaving a subtle signature for me to find later.

Just a couple of pranksters, exploiting my gullibility. I shouldn’t be surprised.


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