Just Get Out of the Damn Boat. 

Disclaimer: To those who may be offended by the title, I apologize. But please, hear me out. Lately that statement has been my pep talk to myself when I'm fairly certain I'm feeling God's gentle leading but fear and doubt creep in, make me want to stop, and then hope I'm not found out. Coward...  [...]


Soggy Seattle

Seattle Easter Swing is here again, so here is a little story from my adventure at Easter Swing 2016... Adventuring on foot in an unfamiliar city is always fun, but not so much when it's raining and you're not sure where you're going, and especially not when the bus stop you've been standing and waiting [...]

What’s the Point?

My very first “real” job was working for my cousin at the daycare she owned. I worked with a range of ages, but was originally hired on as the baby teacher, which simply meant I sat in a room with no more then 5 littles all under the age of 1, surrounded by diaper bags, [...]