Comp floor, here I come!

Soooo excited to be leaving for Novice Invitational tomorrow!!!

It’s been about 7 months since my last competition and I have been having withdrawals for the last few weeks. I miss it. All of it! From the crowded hotel bathroom while getting ready for comps with the roomies, clothes strewn all over the beds, and “does this look okay?”, to the energy of the ballroom, nerves rising while standing in a line of girls all with numbers pinned to the backs of their shirts, and the excitement of knowing your friends are there watching, supporting and rooting for you.

I always pack like, way early for these things too. In the two weeks leading up to an anticipated trip I will usually have a bag on the floor at the foot of my bed with a bunch of clothes just tossed in and on top of. Shirts I might want to wear for comps, shirts I might want to wear for late night dancing, pants for late night dancing (because jeans, bleh), New Orleans West Coast Swing Academy jacket for pregame warmth, shoes for dancing, shoes for sight-seeing and group dinner outings, and the list goes on.

Not only do I start packing for trips early, I’m also a serial overpacker. I pretty much always come home with things I didn’t even touch. When the trip requires a flight or two, this can be an unfortunate problem. For shorter road trips, it’s less of an issue. Novice is only in Houston, so I’m not super careful about packing the least amount possible. Especially since it’s a dance competition. What if I wake up on Saturday morning and I don’t feel like wearing the black and red shirt for jack and jill, but the black and gold one?  Gotta have those options, ladies.

Tonight, my bag is 98% complete. All that’s left is to pack my jewelry bag, and return my toiletry bag after my morning hygiene routine, get dressed, slip on my shoes, and hit the road, Jack!

Or is it Jill??


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