Consistent Inconsitency

Y’all.. I’m realll bad at writing consistently…

One day I will have my life together.

But, aside from my lack of writing, if there’s one thing thats been pretty consistent in my life for the last 5 months, it’s change. Of all kinds really: happy change, sad change, scary change, etc.

All the change.


There’s been another one.

I have another new job! And this one is soooo much better then being a kitchen maid!

I am now Sylvan Learning Center of Houma’s new Classroom Manager. Essentially, my job is to be available to the teachers and students in whatever ways I can. Namely, keeping the teachers from drowning in their students,  assisting with stubborn and disruptive students, providing materials to help supplement the students learning plans, and a few other responsibilities. The position and responsibilities are perfect for an aspiring teacher to get some good practice in before being in charge of an entire classroom, and also a good ‘soft introduction’ into a more corporate type office job. 

I really like it. Wayyyy more fulfilling then slapping toppings onto steaming potatoes for sure!  Even though I personally am not public educations biggest fan, working with kids the way I’m doing, though often challenging and sometimes stressful, is also sometimes rewarding. It’s playing a small part in raising and investing in our worlds next generation.

The process of recovery from my layoff has been a long, slow road, and I’m still trudging it. Having work again is great, but even Sylvan isn’t fully replacing what I had.

I really was spoiled…

While I do feel like I was pulled out of one hole only to be put into a different one, and still don’t understand why, God does. All I can do is constantly remind myself of that truth, and keep moving forward.


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