Life Update!

Hi guys! It’s been awhile, I know, I’m sorry.  Sooo, it’s time for a life update.

After a very difficult couple of months I —

Man. Coffee does not stay hot enough for long enough. I’ll be right back…

Mmm. Much better. Moving on.

I has a job! It’s only part time hours and minimum wage, but it will serve to stem the bleeding for the time being.

I’m working at Cajun Potato Kitchen in Thibodaux. A small joint that serves specialty baked potatoes. I’m a kitchen maid! Not really.. but kinda. Haha. The work itself is easy peasy, but it does keep me busy and moving.


I knew I wasn’t going to do unemployed well. I didn’t like it. But who does? I had a difficult time figuring out what to do, which has often been the anthem of my life.

Being unemployed wasn’t the most stressful part about it. That was actually the best part.  (I am not a morning person, so not having to wake up to early alarms was pretty fab, haha.) It was the “Oh, crap, I need money to live, so I need to find a job” part that was the hardest.  And I’d been a little lazy on that front. Why? Because I did’t like the mood I would so easily slide into usually only minutes after booting up my laptop. All the browser tabs of companies, positions, numbers, apartments, and how much would a single woman living on her own spend on groceries monthly (yes, I actually googled that) very quickly overwhelmed me and made me want to slam the top to my laptop shut and pretend it wasn’t real.

But I could only afford to do that for so long. And even then, with the economy so bad, I didn’t have much hope that I’d get hired anytime soon.

“Trust God…”

Right. I know that. But how?!  I knew it didn’t look like not job searching, binge watching a tv series show on Netflix and waiting for a miracle. I do believe God wants us to act on our circumstances. I just couldn’t find a way to not worry about it. Not wonder if I would find one I liked and that paid decently well. Or if I would find one at all.

And speaking of God and faith, I have a confession…  My faith struggled. And since I have the hardest time organizing my thoughts and making them make enough sense to verbally relay, I can’t even explain it. I can’t tell you why, or how. Only that it was really rough.


On the other side, working again is nice. Yeah, the job isn’t what I want. It doesn’t pay me what I want or need to live the way I’d like to live, but it’s the door the Lord opened for the time being, so I walked through it. I’m not sure yet how long it’ll last or where it will go, but I’m hopeful.

The time off only working part time provides gives me plenty of opportunity to prepare and search for something better, which I am doing, starting with an online course on Quickbooks and bookkeeping that a good friend found for me. I’m hoping that by completing the course I will have an easier time finding a better paying job in the near future.

Also, I miss competing! I miss training and preparing to step onto the competition floor again. But, all in due time!

The bottom line is God is faithful. So while Cajun Potato bandaids my bank account, I’ll complete the online bookkeeping course, get the certificate that comes upon completion, and hopefully soon be knocking on some different doors, waiting to see which ones open.

To those of you who prayed for me during this very trying time, thank you, thank you, thank you. It is greatly appreciated 🙂


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