Hugs and Challengers 

That moment when you’re in your car on your way to your last day at work because you got laid off 2 and a half weeks prior. You’re feeling overwhelmed, unsure. And, to make matters worse, before you left home you found out that your sister has a pretty serious tear in her hip joint and needs surgery, so you’re also recovering from a wave of sickness that left you as pale as Casper. You can’t handle the deafening silence, so you put Cold Water by Major Lazer and the Biebs on repeat.

But then God does something. Meant only for you.

Coming up on a red light, I was following a gorgeous black Dodge Challenger. Once stopped I realized there were two more challengers next to me in the right lane. One some sort of dark color, gray maybe, and the other, a beautiful blue.

Cue tears.

You may say silly, but I say thank you. I don’t consider myself a ‘car girl’, but I think Dodge Challengers are some of the sexiest cars on the roads these days. Really, they’re my favorite. God used a quirky thing about me to remind me that He is still with me. That He is my lifeline (refer back to before mentioned song). To comfort me.

When I leave work today (Sept 15,2016), I have NO idea what’s coming next. The only thing I’m sure of at this moment is that I serve a big God. Even during the times when I don’t understand Him or his methods. Even during the times when I wanna scream “it’s not fair!!” to the sky. Even during the times I feel He is far away.

But take heart. He is never too far away.


One thought on “Hugs and Challengers 

  1. I treasure those moments when God speaks in the secret vocabulary of my heart, through things and in ways that would only mean something to me. When the witness of His whisper washes over me, the assurance of His love and presence grounds me, reminds me He is never far and always watching over me. Hang on to these moments for when your head knows the truth but your heart needs reminding.


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