What’s a single, Christian woman to do?

I think it happens to many of us. At some point home doesn't quite feel like home anymore. Living with mom and dad doesn't hold the same appeal it once did. The need to spread your wings and leave the nest starts to become real. Growing up I always believed that a young woman shouldn't [...]


Better when I’m Dancing

I was talking to an acquaintance recently, explaining some of the reasons I enjoy west coast swing, and I said something that I didn't really acknowledge as true until I heard it leave my mouth. According to Meyers Briggs I'm supposed to be a pretty creative person. One of the titles given to my MB [...]


Sometimes I'll get a song stuck in my head, and then that song is about all I can think about for the rest of the day. It's the only song I remember how to sing; the only song I can hear because it plays over and over and over in my head. Next follows the [...]


Hugs and Challengers 

That moment when you're in your car on your way to your last day at work because you got laid off 2 and a half weeks prior. You're feeling overwhelmed, unsure. And, to make matters worse, before you left home you found out that your sister has a pretty serious tear in her hip joint [...]


Sleepless Shoutout

I can't sleep, so, perfect time for a quick bestie appreciation post, right? Say hello to my two best friends, Sarah and Andy. My #squad. The ones who help me keep my head up when I feel like spiraling; when I feel like the poster child for how not to handle something. I couldn't imagine [...]