Texas Classic 2016

I wish "catching up on lost sleep" was a real thing. It would make post-comp recovery a whole lot easier. Oh well. A girl can dream, right? New Orleans was well represented at The Texas Classic 2016. The weekend brought shock and disappointment to some, but in the end the New Orleans West Coast Swing [...]

The real MVP

Dearest Momma, You are the most patient women I know.  You have taught me that life is one giant balancing act, with honoring God as the ultimate goal. You have loved, raised and are raising a quiver-full of kids that will all impact the world in their own God-given ways. Thank you for being a [...]

Soggy Seattle

Seattle Easter Swing is here again, so here is a little story from my adventure at Easter Swing 2016... Adventuring on foot in an unfamiliar city is always fun, but not so much when it's raining and you're not sure where you're going, and especially not when the bus stop you've been standing and waiting [...]

Comp floor, here I come!

Soooo excited to be leaving for Novice Invitational tomorrow!!! It's been about 7 months since my last competition and I have been having withdrawals for the last few weeks. I miss it. All of it! From the crowded hotel bathroom while getting ready for comps with the roomies, clothes strewn all over the beds, and "does [...]

Life Update!

Hi guys! It's been awhile, I know, I'm sorry.  Sooo, it's time for a life update. After a very difficult couple of months I --- Man. Coffee does not stay hot enough for long enough. I'll be right back... Mmm. Much better. Moving on. I has a job! It's only part time hours and minimum [...]